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A Guidance To Choose CCTV Camera In Sydney

Selecting Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras are often confusing for most people. This is because the CCTV product in the market has a variety of brands, types, price, technology and quality.

In addition, the lack of standardization in the industry also makes it difficult to compare the potential buyer of products from one manufacturer to another. This article describes how to differentiate the CCTV products based on the most important attribute.

The most important attribute in security camera system is an output type, location of placement, minimal lighting, control mechanisms, and video resolution.

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Buyers should consider the attributes to distinguish CCTV and select the one that meets their needs. Security cameras are the output of video signals sent by the device to the screen. A CCTV send either analog or digital signal output.

Analog CCTV transmits a continuous stream of video over coaxial cable. The majority of existing installations currently use analog technology despite growing acceptance of Digital Technology in the marketplace.

Digital CCTV discrete transmits streaming video over twisted pair cables. CCTV digital cameras are generally equipped with Internet Protocol (IP) Address. Therefore, it is also often known as IP camera or network camera. By having an IP address, the camera can be integrated easily with existing network infrastructure.