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Baby Bedding Shopping By a New Father To Be

Up until a few weeks ago, I had never thought about baby bedding, cribs, and infant security, baby feeding supplies, or some of the countless items it requires to prepare for the arrival of our NFL superstar. I was clueless regarding the magnitude of the preparations involved in having a baby, and no I have not been in a coma the last 26 decades, I've heard anticipating couples and new parents speaking about newborns and moving on and on about crib safety and thread counts of baby bedding spewing out so many facts and stats about the subject which it reminds me of one of those sports fanatics which every neighborhood bar has, that sits there all evening saying one stat after a while you think to yourself"this guy needs a life."

But here's the shocker grabbed myself engaging in these conversations with two other couples in an almost heated debate over whether California Kids or Kid's Line Bedding includes a higher thread count. That really is amazing enough, but even more remarkable is the simple fact that I had never met the couple before that surreal moment in aisle 11 at Toys'R' Us, where I stated substance preferences and quoted safety alarms from the CPSC's site on baby bedding.

And it's only the start; I realize I am only two steps from becoming one of these diaper bag carryings, mini-van forcing parents whose lazy Sunday afternoons spent reading the Times or napping at will are but a distant memory whenever they shuffle through their endless" to do" list at one of many after school events.

Scary? Heck yea! But on the other hand, I can hardly wait!

Now let's talk something quite important, Baby Bedding. Unlike bedding for adults, there is a lot of considerations in buying baby bedding like comfort and security. Cerro Reyes lists security tips on baby bedding on their website and should be followed.