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Caulking Services: Apply Caulking Like A Professional Painter in Melbourne

Detail is everything when it comes down to creating a beautiful paint job. Caulking is essential for any painter. It seals out moisture and drafts, conceals cracks in walls and exterior siding before painting. A poor caulking job can not only ruin the quality of your finished project, but it can also negate the purpose of what you spent so much time on.

Caulking is a valid trade in the construction industry, despite what many people believe. Many companies specialize in caulking, sealing and waterproofing structures. This is usually done for commercial purposes. The point is that applying and finishing caulking is an art and skill. You can even get in touch with a trusted caulking provider to do the job.

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Caulking can be divided into two categories, Adhesives & Sealants. Adhesives do exactly what they sound like. They are used to attach one type of surface to the other. This concept is fairly obvious. Although there are many types of adhesives, we will be focusing on sealants for this article.

Sealants are used to seal cracks, gaps and joints between materials in order to prevent moisture and drafts. They also give paint jobs a seamless appearance. Depending on the project, sealants come in different types. Like, acrylic latex caulk which is also known as "painter’s caulk" is the most widely used type of caulking. 

It is easy to use, inexpensive and paintable. Most often, it will have a warranty of 20 to 25 years on the label. Caulks that are too expensive will shrink and sometimes pull away from joints as they dry. Even if they pass the initial shrink test, most caulks lose their flexibility over time and crack or pull away from the joint.