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Cedar Furniture is Up to the Challenge

Cedar is native to the northwestern United States in Alaska, southwestern Canada, and down into northwestern California

The timber is very highly valued for its resistance to rot and decay and is extensively used in outdoor construction such as patio furniture, posts, decking, shingles, siding, and many more. Red Cedar is the ideal choice for outdoor use due to its many remarkable traits. You can click here to read more about the wood products.

Wood siding is a low maintenance and less expensive option with natural beauty. Uncoated enjoy more success than wood. Availability of maintenance options put to the underside will not remove the popularity of wood siding with consumers.

Consumers choose different materials still select a wood look like all products of non-wood siding opportunity to copy the different styles.

Cedar is among the more malleable and flexible of wood or construction materials in general. It does not easily crack or split when it's being worked on.

Other types of wood can be much more stiff or brittle. On the other hand, western red cedar furniture is also more lightweight than heavy metals, such as iron, or even other hardwoods often used in outdoor furniture, including teak. This makes for furniture that's much easier to move around but still strong enough to be kept outside.