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Choosing Kids Room Accessories and Furnishings

While choosing the accessories for a kid’s room, you will want to keep the storage in their reach. If storage is in reach, it is more likely that they will be accessed and used. To hide toys, use bins. You can also use glow-in-the-dark paint, which is available at most craft stores. You can use it to decorate walls and ceilings. You can also use chalkboard paint in any color you want.


Storage is key in kids rooms. Use space under a bunk bed for toys and out-of-season clothes. Store toys in attractive baskets or stack them on shelves. You can also use a pegboard or caddies to store small art supplies. Color-coded bins and baskets add a pop of color to the room. If you're decorating for a child, keep in mind their personal style. Then choose room accessories and furnishings accordingly.

Curtains and drapes are also key. Curtains can help keep the room cool. Decorative accents like garlands and wreaths made of felt pom poms are great options. Wall art clips make great decor for kids' rooms. You can also use picture frames for artwork. Decorative items, such as wall clocks, will help your child keep track of time and schedule. Make the room fun and inviting by letting your child help design the space.

Wall decor

Decorative accents like wall art clips or felt pom poms can add a playful touch to your child's room. Or, if your child is a bookworm, consider purchasing a balloon lamp. These are a great idea for birthday parties. You can also consider adding basic shelving to your child's room. For extra flair, try a wall clock affixed to a twin bed. Or, you can use a clock to keep track of time.

Toy storage is essential in any kid's room, so be sure to make space underneath their bunk bed. You can also create extra storage by stacking attractive baskets on shelves. Consider installing a pegboard or caddies to hang art supplies and small accessories. Color-coded bins are another great way to add a splash of color to your child's room. A tatty wallpaper or framed painting can make a room feel more liveable.


Kids' rooms need additional storage, so try multifunctional furniture that incorporates desk space and hidden storage. For example, a painted panel with floating shelves will double as a small desk area, and you can use magnetic strips to store metal objects safely. A rainbow-colored basket will add a splash of color to a child's room, and it will help to corral clutter. Here are some other storage ideas:

Repurpose your old baking equipment. Rolling pins can double as accessory hooks, muffin tins can be stacked to hold trinkets, and framed canvases can be used to store books. Hang them backward on the wall, and use elastic bands to hang books or other accessories on them. You can even use them as a reading bench or art display. You can find all sorts of creative storage solutions for kids' rooms.


If you're in search of a perfect accessory for your child's bedroom, you should consider adding a canopy. Not only does a canopy provide a private area for sleeping, but it can also demarcate the den from the bedroom. And if you're looking to upcycle a standard bed, you can opt for a lightweight mosquito net canopy that you can dye any color. A canopy can transform an ordinary bed into an elegant one.

Adding a canopy to a child's bedroom can make their room their own special universe. Whether they like pirates, princesses, or wild animals, a canopy can enhance their bedroom designs. They can even create a temporary outdoor playhouse. Canopies are great accessories for kids rooms because they can match any decorating theme, from rustic to sophisticated. There are endless styles and colors available. Whether you're aiming for a nautical theme or a whimsical castle theme, a canopy is sure to look great.

Reading nook

Children love to read, so you can't go wrong with cozy reading nook for kids room accessories. The decor can match your child's main home decorating scheme, or you can use it to introduce a pop of color. Choosing comfortable and cozy pillows is an essential part of the decor. The lighting in your reading nook should be calming and ambient, as well as sufficient to give your child the comfort he or she needs. A side table with a lamp is also a good addition to this special space.

A simple book nook in the corner of a white bedroom can give your kid the opportunity to curl up with a good book. This design from Studio Peake includes a window seat and a cozy upholstered seat. A small table lamp adds extra lighting to the space, and a blanket will keep your child comfortable. Alternatively, a reading nook under the stairs can be a cleverly disguised place. Similarly, Studio Peake built an integrated book nook into the bed surround, complete with a built-in reading light sconce. Having plenty of pillows in this space will make it even more relaxing.

Work area

Creating a work area for your child in their room is a great way to encourage independent learning. You can include a large whiteboard, corkboard, chalkboard, and other essentials to make studying fun. You can also incorporate electronics such as an e-reader or a computer. To create the perfect work area for your child, follow these tips. Then, give them ample storage and plenty of workspace.

Creating an organized space for your child is important not only for his or her own mental well-being, but for the success of his or her schooling. While some children have mastered the art of organizing their rooms and studying efficiently, others get distracted easily and don't get much done. Creating a comfortable, functional work area for your child can help you create an organized space for your child and turn a messy room into a pristine bedroom.