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Consult Vision Therapy Consultant In Toronto

Vision therapy is also known as vision training. It is a program that is closely monitored and personalized to address visual efficiency issues, perceptual-cognitive and visual-motor deficiencies.

The Vision Therapy program is very similar to occupational therapy and physical therapy. Like many therapies, these therapies are based upon neuroplasticity. This is the brain's ability to make changes and then use new neural pathways. Each person's needs are met with therapy activities and exercises.


These exercises are overseen by trained vision therapists and developmental optometrists. The activities can be done in an office setting and include prism lenses, therapeutic lenses, optical filters and eye patches. 

There are also exercises that involve eye teaming, eye movement, balance, visual processing information, eye teaming, eye teaming, eye movement, balance, and eye teaming. The program can take up to six months depending on the diagnosis and lifelong results.

These exercises are designed to engage the whole visual system, including eyes, brain, and body. A visual system that is efficient includes accurate binocularity, efficient eye tracking, focusing and visual motor integration.

The visual system plays an important role in learning and is key in processing information. Visual processing is about understanding and making sense out of what we see to produce accurate output. 

Vision therapy teaches us how to improve our visual function. Over eighty percent of information in a classroom environment is obtained through visual pathways. It is therefore essential that we have a strong, efficient visual system.