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Ear Infection – Symptoms and Treatment

Ear is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. You might agree to the fact that just like tooth, ear problems trouble you a lot. The ear infection or ear pain can be very much hurtful. Ear issues must be treated with very gentle and professional care as soon as possible. In any case if your ears infections spread it can be harmful for your eardrums (which are responsible for hearing). You must know when you start to develop ear infection and when you need to visit a family practice physician. For your convenience you can visit one of the best family health clinic at Coastal Family Medicine.

Here are the symptoms of ear infections that you must notice on time and run to a doctor:

– Sudden or Sharp Earache

– Immediate warm drainage from anal along with a sharp pain in the ear

– Fullness feeling in the ear

– Nausea

– Muffled Hearing

In children the below symptoms can be seen:

– Fever

– Tugging at the ear

– Lack of sleep

– Ear drainage

– Irritability

– Restlessness

– Crying while lying down

– Diminishing of appetite

When you notice these symptoms you must go for the treatment as soon as possible to prevent any damage to your ear. You must call your doctor when you see high fever.

To treat your ear medication you must first go to the doctors. If you have mild ear infection it can be easily treated with simple medications. In case if the infection has increased you might need a small ear surgery.