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Examples of Children’s Bedroom Accessories

If you're looking for a great way to add a personal touch to your child's room, you can buy a variety of childrens bedroom accessories. The items you can buy are endless, and can include anything from alarm clocks to name plaques to trinket boxes. Here are some examples of the items you can buy:

Colorful shutters

If you are planning to add some color to your child's bedroom, you can opt for louver shutters. They are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. Aside from being functional, they are also safe and fire resistant. They also add a great style factor to your child's room. You can match the color scheme and design of the shutters to your child's room theme. You can also get custom shutters that are made of different fabrics to match your child's taste.

Window shutters are a common option, and comprise horizontal slats that let in light while keeping out rain and direct sunlight. These are also adjustable, making them perfect for children's bedrooms. You can also choose a different color for each individual slat to match the color scheme of the room. If you are trying to make your kid's bedroom look fun and inviting, you can opt for a color scheme based on the window and the colors of the furnishings in the room.

Personalised wooden trains

You can personalise your child's wooden trains with their name on them. You can choose from a range of different colours for the letters of the child's name. The colours will be randomly chosen, and will vary between each name. If the name is longer than six letters, some colours will be repeated. A personalised train set will be a keepsake that your child will treasure for years.

Train sets are ideal for pretend play, as they are highly durable and require little maintenance. Unlike battery operated toys, wooden train sets have no moving parts. They also come with built-in lights and whistles, so your child will be alerted when a train is coming and going. Train puzzles can also be a great gift for a child. Unlike battery-powered train toys, wooden trains can be placed on the floor without causing any damage.

Original wall stickers

If your child's room is already decorated, why not give it a fun makeover with a few new stickers? Children will love the convenience of wall stickers, which are easily removable and can come in a variety of shapes and styles. Here are some ideas to inspire your child to make their bedroom look exciting. – Make the room more interesting by adding a starry night scene. – Choose a set of stickers featuring the moon or stars, which will help your child enjoy the nighttime sky.

– Choose from a range of themes: animals, polka dots, and much more. Stickers can look like endless birthday parties for little ones, and they are easy to clean. For a truly unique look, you can even buy murals. A mountain mural will transform any space, and you can purchase stickers from SimpleShapes, which has sold over 61,000 pieces on Etsy.

Adorable wall clocks

Kids' wall clocks can be both functional and adorable. Not only will they be fun to look at, they will help kids learn to tell time. And, as a bonus, kids love cute things. Here are some great examples of clocks that can work double-duty in a children's bedroom. Let's take a closer look at a few. And remember, you can always buy more than one if you really want to keep track of time!

One of the most popular designs is the unicorn alarm clock. This one is sure to get your child out of bed, as it appeals to their love of mythical creatures. A unicorn alarm clock also doubles as a sleep sound machine, showing a soothing light show as kids fall asleep. Moreover, they're also easy to set up and take apart. And, the alarm will go off automatically if they stay in bed for more than 15 minutes.

Storage spaces

Kids often like to store dirty clothes and other items under the bed. Converting the area underneath the bed into storage will get rid of the clutter, while providing extra space for play and storage. Besides, this is a practical storage space for younger children, as they won't have trouble opening storage boxes. Adding additional storage space under the bed is a great idea if you have limited space. Listed below are some tips to make storage space in your child's bedroom functional and attractive.

Consider a low storage cabinet. This will add support space and storage for stuffed toys. Add a few baskets in various colors to organize open shelves. You can also place shelves with curved sides or narrow ones. You can also place magazine holders in different areas of the room. This will allow you to add color and organization to your child's room. By choosing accessories wisely, your child will be able to store all of their toys, books, and other items in one place.

Window film

If you have a small child and are looking for a fun way to brighten up their room, you can cut window film to fit your window. Simply trace the size of the window opening on a template and cut the film to fit. Then, you can trim the excess film to fit perfectly in the window. If you do not want to purchase the film ready to install, you can also buy a piece of window film that is already installed in a frame and has a pre-cut edge to fit the window.

Some types of window film are easy to apply, while others require spraying the adhesive side. If you are using a non-adhesive window film, you can remove the film with a piece of tape. You will want to apply the tape to the window film so that you do not leave any fingerprints on the film. After removing the liner, you can spray a cleaning solution to the exposed adhesive side.