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Get Rid Of the Silly Habit – ”Thumb Sucking In Children”

Are you worried about your child's habits of thumb sucking? And you feel very embarrassed before others because of this silly habit? Then you have to go through this article if you are really worried about their habits.

Thumb sucking in children always causes embarrassment to many parents. Parents are more concerned about the social embarrassment caused by this habit is not the actual physical damage caused by it. You can also purchase thumb sucking guards online via

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Good thumb sucking can be a non-compulsive act or verbal compulsive habit.

· Non-Compulsive actions:

As children grow, they pick up or drop the habit of depending on its reception. These habits are usually called non-compulsive habits or actions. Thumb sucking can be one of these habits, which can be seen from birth until the age of 16. In most average kids stop this habit at the age of 4.

· Compulsive Act:

Thumb sucking can be called compulsive when it has acquired fixation in children to the extent that he retreated to practice this habit when once security threatened by events that happen in his world.


The main symptom of this problem is indicated by the teeth and they are:

  • Transfer of child's permanent teeth because the power evenly placed on the tooth with your thumb.
  • Upper and lower front teeth may not approximate to each other.
  • Upper front teeth may flare out, As a result of flared out or protruding front teeth of children may end up with broken teeth more often.