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Heavy Metal Toxicity – An Unsuspected Illness

Heavy metal poisoning is at the rising stage and becomes a serious concern that causes several numbers of other unknown serious health problems. Heavy metal is described as any kind of chemical element of metals that includes a high density and are poisonous at low absorption.

Many natural heavy metals are present in our ecosystem and do not cause any problems in small concentrations. However, there are lots of heavy metals used in numerous products that are used by us in our day to day life and some of them have seeped into our foods. This study was done by naturopathic centers such as that also gives the harmful side effects of this as mentioned below.

Heavy Metals

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The major problem with heavy metals in our bodies is their capability of bio-accumulation. Bio-accumulation is known as that the metal does not ready to depart from the body of their own and build up in certain tissues.

The main target of the heavy metals in the liver, kidneys, intestines, brain, and nervous system, even also to the eyes. Metals that are embedded in the system will not be deleted until and unless any kind of intrusion is not used to wash them out.

Heavy metal exposure depends on your lifestyle, place where you live. Sadly, there are so many babies who are poisoned due to breast milk. Especially children are at high risk due to the presence of many vaccines that contains heavy metals such as aluminum and mercury.