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Hotel Wailea – A Review Of Maui’s Stunning Boutique Resort

Most of the big-name hotels by the sea in Maui, like their counterparts in Honolulu. Noisy pools, crowded elevators, and hordes of tourists. This may seem like paradise for college-age travelers on spring break, but for those who are looking for a more secluded Hawaiian experience. 

Hotel Grounds Overview

Unlike most hotels on the seafront, Wailea hotel in Maui from is not a large building. Instead, it is a secluded enclave of two-story villas spread over 15 acres of hills. The property receives lots of praise for being well maintained and beautifully landscaped. In fact, customers often spend their first moments simply explore the property, enjoying the tranquil gardens, fountains, and ponds, koi relaxing with fish. 

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The property has a total of 72, the one-bedroom suites. Suites are located in individual two-story villas with two suites upstairs and two on the ground floor. It seems rare that there are various noise complaints, so, for this reason, the suites seem isolated.


The hotel facilities meet more toward couples than families with children, and most of the customers seem to appreciate the relative lack of children on the property. One of the main equipment is on-site, a Wailea Spa that clients have free access to. 


Know that the Hotel Wailea is not by the sea and is quite isolated in general. According to Google Maps, it is a beach promenade and a 1.4-mile slope, so unless you're an avid hiker, you'll really want to use the free shuttle. The shuttle will take you to the beach and anywhere else in Wailea, including Wailea Blue Golf Course.