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How Do You Automate Onboarding?

How exactly do you automate the onboarding process? In principle, this is the responsibility of the Marketing or Marketing Personnel department, so the answer to this question goes to those professionals. The introduction of HR onboarding automation can be summarized in the following five steps:

Document the current process: Before improving a process, you must first understand what you want to improve. It is important to understand what is involved in each step in the process. Talk to the people involved in the engagement, be it HR, operations, IT, or any other department, and get a full picture of what the process looks like.

Identify the tasks you can't automate: You'll find that there are certain areas that you can't automate – they're either physical or require human interaction. While these parts of the process may not be suitable for automation, that does not mean that they cannot be improved or eliminated. 

Understand Every Automated Step: Now is the time to focus on steps you can automate and improve. It's time to dig deeper, document what is required to complete each task in the process chain by asking:

Who is responsible for this step?

What data is required for the task?

Which application to use?

What is the desired result?

Automated Process Scenarios: Once you have a thorough understanding of where the process is and where it's needed, it's time to do what IT professionals should do – write a new automated process. 

Combining automatic and manual tasks: As we mentioned above, not all aspects of the activation process can be automated. So your final task is to combine automatic and manual tasks to restore the full process from start to finish.