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How Long Does a Perfectly Roasted Chicken Need to Cook?

Although cooking chicken may seem simple, however, there are a variety of elements that result in the perfect succulent and tender bird. Chicken is among the most sought-after meats because it provides a variety of possibilities and versatility! 

A properly roasted chicken must include juicy, tender breast meat with cooked dark meat and perfectly crispy and well-seasoned skin. So how can we come having such a delicious product? 

The first step to take is to heat up your oven and put the roasting pan within. Take the rack out of the oven to use it later. Because every oven is unique, I'd suggest the best general rule is to warm the oven for at least 20 minutes prior to roasting. You can also order a perfect roast chicken dinner via

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Clean the chicken both inside and out and dry well. You'll want the perfectly dried skin of the chicken. After that, trim away any excess fat. Get rid of it. Beginning at the neck area put your fingers into the skin, and gently pull away from the skin and breast meat. Sprinkle the inside and outside of the chicken using spices like salt and black pepper.

Make butter by melting it in an oven or microwave, then apply the butter directly onto the breast as well as on the skin. Place the chicken on a side of the rack for roasting. The oven is opened and you can place the rack in the pan for roasting. 

The chicken will cook in 20 mins. Then, flip the chicken to the other side and cook for another 20 minutes.