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How To Reduce Your PUBG Ping

PUBG is one of the most popular games in the world right now. We are pretty sure that you’ve already heard about PUBG. But for those who don’t know, We’ll explain a bit. In PUBG, you will play on a map with about a hundred players. It is basically a deathmatch and whoever manages to stay alive in the end will be the winner. When you are playing PUBG, the most common issue many gamers experience is the high ping. So today we will show you some tips to reduce your PUBG ping. If you don’t know what your PUBG ping is, you can visit Ping Test Live and find out. In PUBG, if you notice other players appearing and disappearing on your screen, then it's probably a ping related problem.

Before begin, we have to tell you that there are no one hundred percent guaranteed ways to lower your PUBG ping. Many factors will cause a higher ping and just as many tips can be used to reduce the ping. In this article, we'll look at what exactly ping is, how to measure your ping, and what steps you can take to reduce it. Especially if you are an online gamer, this guide will help you keep the ping low and keep your games running smoothly. The ping describes the time that your computer takes to receive a data packet from a sender. This also includes your response time.

To lower your ping, the first thing we suggest you do is to close all of your background tasks beofore playing PUBG. Closing a background task is incredibly easy. You can open Task Manager to see all applications running in the background. The Task Manager also shows how high the load on individual processes is. Closing all background apps can do wonders for your PUBG ping. Apps that also use the Internet can have a particularly big impact and we recommend closing them too. Other than this, download clients and streaming music should also be disabled while you play online. This will reduce even more ping and you will see an immediate improvement after doing these.

The final step you can take to reduce your PUBG ping is using a LAN internet connection instead of using Wi-Fi. This is because when compared to a Wi-Fi connection, LAN is more stable and reliable. For a smooth gaming experience, general bandwidth also plays an important role. If you still experience high PUBG ping even after applying the above fixes we’ve mentioned, then you may have to contact your internet provider to identify the exact issue.