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How To Select A Theme And Style For Your Marketing Video

Online videos come in hundreds of different styles. Some work better than others depending on what goals you want to achieve. Naive marketers who are new to online video marketing need to take the time to consider the goals of their online campaigns as well as the products and marketing video solution they are promoting in order to decide which style will best suit their goals.

Online marketers can create any of the following popular video styles depending on the nature of their business and the goals they want to achieve with their video marketing campaign. These common styles are:


Referrals are one of the most powerful forces for marketing products such as health care products, personal care products, etc. The success of featured videos lies in building trust because viewers trust people who testify. 


Funny videos are one of the most popular forms of online videos and can be used to gain popularity. However, this video may only be used for general marketing purposes. It's also important for retailers to remember that the purpose of videos is not just to make people laugh, but also to promote a product or service. 


If you really want to increase product sales online, demo videos are a powerful resource, especially if your product is new and difficult for your target audience to use. If your product or service cannot be easily and clearly demonstrated to potential customers, it is very difficult to generate sales.