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How To Stop Thumb Sucking In Older Children

Literally suck your thumb for babies. Taken too far, a habit that can affect a child bites. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that medication for dental problems produced by finger sucking is usually required only in kids who remain to suck their thumbs past the fifth anniversary.

The question is: how do you make them stop? How to stop children from sucking their thumb? That was before he wrecked his teeth?

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First of all, take heart: many children stop sucking their thumb between ages 2-4 only on their own, without prompting. Past the age, the older child will hear about it if he was still sucking his thumb. Other kids his age can even refuse to play with him, because of thumb sucking makes her "baby." 

It may seem hard for us adults, but this is how children learn the social codes of their community. They learn how to act around children their own age through teasing and insults from their peers.

Such as peer pressure should make an older child stop sucking his thumb immediately. At least during the day when children in school or on the playground. An older child may still keep sucking his thumb in his sleep, as he did when he was a baby. 

Some older children may successfully stop sucking their thumbs most of the time, but continuing the habit when they are under stress.

As the infant begins to put limits on the finger-sucking, parents can begin to take heart. Children are steadily moving apart from the finger sucking altogether. During this time he'll find a new way to entertain himself.