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Kauai on 2 Wheels or More?

There isn't any better place to relax and unwind. Although I had mixed feelings, I would dare to say that it was an amazing visit that I would never forget. Kauai guarantees fun-filled activities for the whole family. Although the island is so huge and there are so many activities and places worth visiting, a drive around the island is a must.

Roughly circular in shape, Kauai is 550 square miles in area and 32 miles in diameter. With little public transportation, rental cars are recommended, but getting around on Kauai is easy. Kauai's roads encircle the whole coastline only to stop in the formidable Na Pali Coast, where building roads would be impossible. The breathtaking green cliffs of Na Pali provide a natural barrier, restricting access to one of the world's most awe-inspiring and historical areas to those walking, on a helicopter, or travel via boat. From mopeds to Harleys, VW convertibles to motor homes, you could rent all sorts of vehicles on the island.

The best method to explore the island would obviously be in a grand lavish Winnebago, which is a vehicle that comes complete with sleeping accommodations, kitchenette, bathroom, awnings, generator – all the comforts to create an adventurer's vacation come true. The Winnebago is excellent for all traveler's needs as it has the comforts of a luxurious 5-star resort minus the swimming pool and room service. Instead of paying for accommodation and transport, hire a motor home in Kauai and cruise the island on a 30 footer mobile hotel room that is luxurious. Park anywhere along the islands beautiful coastline and enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Kauai's spectacular beaches. With an RV, the options are limitless.

Enjoy the carefree lifestyle for which Kauai is known for! For the adventurous yuppie, why don't you grab a backpack and some camping gear, and spend another week touring the majestic streets of Kauai on the back of a Harley? The island of Kauai has motorbike rental companies. Cost range depending on the model of bike and duration of the rental. Because of the bike doesn't kill you, the humidity will but lose the leather jacket!

If you believe you don't have the endurance of Forest Gump, but can manage to ride a bicycle around the island, many areas on Kauai will rent you a pushbike. You can cruise through Koke's State Park and Waimea Canyon State Park. Ride from the rim of the famed Waimea Canyon (el. 3600') down 12 miles of smooth winding blacktop all the way to the shore of the blue Pacific. It's 100% downhill, and 100% fun! Cycle through the legendary estate of Grove Farm Sugar Plantation, a former 22,000-acre sugar plantation. George Norton Wilcox started Grove Farm in the 1860s. From humble beginnings as the son of missionary teachers, George Norton built a successful plantation. Grove Farm is no longer in the sugar business. In fact, due to the low price of sugar worldwide, sugar production has been declining throughout the State for years. Now, as diversified agriculture replaces sugar, Grove Farm leases its land to over 100 tenants, raising a variety of crops and animals. Cycle through these lands!

That was once owned by Princess Ruth, the sister of King Kalakaua, you can enjoy the scenic mountain views and many places seldom seen by locals or visitors. The view, when passing through Kauai's only sugarcane tunnel, which separates the east side of the island from the south shore, is breathtaking. Identify native plants, birds, and trees along the way. As well as having a fun ride in a beautiful place, you'll learn about what makes Kauai special!

You can hop on an ATV and go places more spectacular than you can ever imagine. Organized tours lasting up to three and a half hour adventure takes you deep into Kauai's interior to the base of Mount Wai'ale'ale.

Your journey begins with a familiarization and safety briefing before you become acquainted with your vehicle and head out to the backcountry. Your guide will lead you through miles of old cane lands, tropical forests, and jungles rich with magnificent scenery.

Another adventure is the Zipline, where you wear a harness that attaches to a cable and allows you to zip' across over the valley and forest below.

Below are some facts about Hawaii in the Kauai visitor information site.

– Kauai, Hawaii, has more sandy beaches than most other Hawaiian islands, plus nearly 45% of its coastline is virtually abandoned. It's a safe bet you will find your perfect and"private" beach for snorkeling or sunning.

– Kauai is home to three of the top ten rated golf courses in Hawaii. Kauai has more golf courses than you could possibly find time to play in a week.

– Kauai has huge areas of tropical forest, deserted coast and lush mountains suitable for hiking, for instance, awe-inspiring Na Pali Coast and Waimea Canyon — called the"Grand Canyon of the Pacific." All of these areas have hiking trails that are readily accessible.

– Kauai's bountiful coral reefs are teeming with multitudes of fish. It's easy and delightful to snorkel the warm waters of Kauai's lagoons.

– Kauai is home to rare bird and plant species, which exist in the world. Kauai is also home to a seabird sanctuary and two areas of the awe-inspiring and educational.