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Know About Food Additives

There are two categories of substances that are excluded from the labeling system: "natural flavor" and "normal food used as food additives".

Examples of additions that fall into this category are listed in the following list.

Natural taste

These substances are natural products derived from animals and plants and are used to flavor foods (e.g. vanilla aroma and crab aroma). The amount used is usually very small.

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Foods commonly used as food supplements

This is a substance that is usually provided for eating or drinking as food and is also used as a food supplement (e.g. strawberry juice and gelatin).

Certain additions

The proposed additions are those identified by the Minister of Health, Labor, and Social Affairs as substances that are not likely to endanger human health.

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Existing food supplements

In addition to the additives listed, certain substances are approved for use except through the labeling system, because they are widely used and have a long history of human consumption.

They are listed as existing nutritional supplements and included in the list of existing nutritional supplements. This additive status was created in 1995 when the FSA was revised and all additives (not only substances that are chemically synthesized but also those of natural origin) are in labeling mode.

Standards for the use of food supplements

Food supplements with usage standards (i.e. targeted foods and maximum usage/residue limits) must meet these standards when using these substances.