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Know The Reality Behind The Origin Of Hinduism

The discovery of the origins of Hinduism and the creation of Hindu civilization is still being debated in several debates. This is because Hinduism is unlike other religions because it was not invented by anyone. As a result, there is no founder or specific date of origin of this religion.

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Internally, this religion is presented as the Eternal Truth, previously known as Sanatana Dharma. So far, it has been known as one of the oldest religions in the world and is also a culture that includes many philosophies, ideologies, beliefs and teachings.

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To answer the question of how old the Hindu religion is, there is a lot of evidence from various angles. Various techniques have been used to date to determine a specific date for the origin of this religion, but no confirmation has been given so the Hindu calendar process is still ongoing.

Hinduism, also known as Sanatana Dharma, can be thousands of years before any other religion in the world and is believed to be at least 8,000 years old. Judaism is another religion that is considered to be the second oldest religion in the world and can be traced back some 4,000 years.

In 1920, a civilization was discovered by archaeologists along the Indus, which is currently crossing northwest India to Pakistan. This civilization is known as the Indus Valley Civilization and the Harappan Civilization as one of the major cities which is believed to have existed since 7000 BC. Has appeared. Culture, but unfortunately no specific date for the origin of religion has been introduced.