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Making The Right Choices For Your Loved Ones

Arranging a personalized funeral service that reflects the wishes of the deceased can be a difficult task. While you and your family deal with your grief, you are also faced with countless options that can leave you overwhelmed.

From choosing a Humanist Funeral Service or the location of the service to personalizing the funeral stationery, it is important that you make the right choices to give your loved one a fitting send-off.

Thinking about the following aspects before deciding on the funeral service details can help you plan a fitting farewell for your loved one:

Burial or cremation

One of the first points you and your family members will have to address is whether to go for a cemetery burial or a cremation. If the deceased pre-planned his/her funeral then the decision will already have been made.

However, if it wasn't planned in advance, you will have to consider factors, such as cost and the religious preferences of the deceased and family members. If the family members prefer a traditional farewell, burial will be a better choice. If cost is an important consideration, cremation will be an economical alternative.

Religious or humanistic service

Funeral services may be religious or humanistic. If the deceased was a religious person, you can choose a traditional funeral service and include religious elements such as prayers, sermons, hymns, readings, and eulogies.

However, if the deceased was not a religious person then you can consider sharing of real-life stories, pictures poems, and readings that reflect the life of the deceased. Special requests for charitable donations can also be put forward when choosing a non-traditional funeral service.