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Marvel: Crisis Protocol Reveals New Rules Changes

The Atomic Mass Games have announced a Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game Core Set. William Schick has developed the bottom set of this miniatures-based game, which will include 10 pieces of hard plastic that are multiple-piece miniatures that feature these Marvel Universe characters: Captain America, Iron Man, Ultron, Crossbones, Spider-Man, Baron Zemo, Captain Marvel, Doctor Octopus, and Black Widow.

Atomic Mass Games has announced its first major change to the rules for mini skirmish games like Marvel: Crisis Protocol. The night before, Atomic Mass Games closed the Ministravaganza streaming weekend by announcing the upcoming rule revisions for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. 

The new rules will include revised statistics cards for various miniatures, and also changes to the way players create rosters and decide the scenarios they play in. While these changes will not affect the gameplay fundamentally of Marvel: Crisis Protocol, they'll provide enough to keep players interested for the months ahead.

Some of the biggest rule modifications involve the creation of rosters, the selection of characters, and the number of cards players will bring to a match that is part of Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Players are now allowed to bring the number of Tactic Cards instead of the previous 8 and will be able to randomly select three Crisis cards rather than removing one and having their opponent choose between two. Players will also be able to add two characters bearing the same name on their rosters rather than being forced to pick between several characters.