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Metal Roofing for All Roof Construction Applications

Steel roofing is recognized throughout the world as a proper system of roofing technology for all types of roof construction applications. This metal roof product is available in hot dyed galvanized steel, galvalume, aluminium, copper, zinc, stainless steel and zincalume material.

They come in a variety of mixed panel sizes, ribs, seam and design profiles to provide many versatile and flexible uses. If you are looking for durability, function, long life, beauty and reasonable prices for your roof needs, the metal roof must be in your top priority list. You can also opt for complete roof opening frame for storage purpose.

You can choose metal roofing that can be similar to tiles, herpes zoster or other roof styles to show flexibility. When it comes to weight, this system is lighter in weight than others. Installation costs can go down because technology can be used above the existing roof structure.

Another characteristic of the metal roof is its acoustic value. The blanket isolation is needed between the panel and the lower layer to prevent the sound of thermal vibrations. It also reflects more heat from the sun's ultra-violet rays than the other roofing systems. In effect, it is weather-tight, soundproof, energy-efficient and its resistance rating against fire, moisture and mildew is very high.