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Natural Medicine and How It Works

Understanding natural medicine is easy once you understand the unique principles of which it is governed. These principles are rooted in Eastern cultures stating a theory that everything in existence, whether its a tree, the sun, the earth and your body are all made up of 5 main elements. These elements are space, air, fire, water, and earth. You can also buy functional medicine spokane via

This theory was made with the belief that in the beginning of time there was only a divine source, and from this source the element of space developed. Out of this space the element of air was created. As air started moving, it created heat due to the friction.

This heat (fire element) created moisture, and as moisture became more dense earth was then created. According to this Eastern philosophy, everything is created by these elements, and that the difference between one object and another are the distribution of these elements.

In terms of the body, there are 3 main body types, these are either dominated by the air, fire or water element. For instance, the body ruled by the air element are the types of bodies that are supper skinny, these body types are really slender and are usually either shorter or taller than most people.

The body type that is ruled by the fire element are the moderate size build, they are more athletically toned. The body type that is ruled by the water element are broad framed, big boned, and may have a tendency to be overweight. Each body type has it's pros and cons as each as each body type is susceptible to certain disease depending on which element their body dominates in.

For instance, when a body is ruled by the air element, the person may experience dry skin due to the dryness of the air element and the lack of moisture, being low in the water element.

A person who has a fire body type may experience heart burn or ulcers. In this case, the fire element, which governs the digestive system, is out of balance creating an excess of digestive acids, which are a burning substances, and this increase in acids burns the lining of stomach tissue.

When a water body type is out of balance the person may experience excess mucus and phlegm with a cough, or may have slow metabolism by a lack of fire element.