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Notice And Cure Separation Anxiety In Your Dog

Separation anxiety in dogs is a problem that could affect every dog, regardless of the breed or age. It is the most common reason why dogs are given to the shelter or going to shelters for animals. The anxiety of dogs who are separated is quite easy to detect. 

If your dog suffers from this disorder, then it is essential to cure dog separation anxiety, by hiring dog separation anxiety specialist. The primary sign for dogs suffering from separation anxiety is the constant presence of you wherever you go. at home. If your dog seems content to have a separate space from you and can sleep alone, the chances are that your dog isn't suffering from separation anxiety. Rather, the reason behind his undesirable behavior is a different one.

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Some more frequently used behavior patterns of dog separation anxiety:

  • Releasing a lingering scent from items that are scented including blankets, pillows, clothes, or even furnishings. The dog may bite or hold these objects in close proximity to the dog.

  • Scratching at your dog, and the constant whining and barking when you leave the door open.

  • Begin chewing, biting and tearing apart, digging and ultimately destroying all things it can straighten after you've left.

  • Your dog pees and feces in the house in various places, even after being toilet trained.

  • Becomes extremely agitated when he is left alone in an area.

  • Your dog is able to show the signs of anxiety and stress when greeting you.