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Polished Concrete – The Medium Of Choice For Flooring Today In Mornington Peninsula

In general, it is easiest to install a polished concrete floor on a new construction project because it can be built to withstand the weight of the concrete. You can contact the latest technology polished concrete in Mornington Peninsula at for your floors at home.

Concrete polishing companies cannot start the polishing process until a month after the concrete has been poured. This will allow the concrete to harden long enough to polish. Meanwhile, other work can also be done, eg. B. installation of the kitchen unit. 

The floors are then polished using a diamond polishing tool with a polishing pad specially made for polishing concrete. They usually depend on the required gloss finish. The floors are then treated with a chemical sealant that penetrates the concrete but allows the concrete to breathe.

Of course, existing concrete floors can also be polished as long as they are in relatively good condition. In some cases, the floor may need to be repaired before it can be polished. 

If there are cracks and holes they need to be filled and screws may need to be removed along with other elements on the floor surface before the sanding process starts. If the hole needs to be filled, the floor may need to be left for 24 hours before the buffing process begins. 

Of course, the higher the gloss level, the greater the polishing step using smaller grains of sand, and this increases the overall cost of the project. The finished floor, however, looks flawless and, with reasonable care, can last for at least 100 years.