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Preparation for an Ayahuasca ceremony

There is much that has been said about the power of Ayahuasca or Yage. Ayahuasca is something so big and powerful that it can really change your entire life.

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When it comes to some of the experiences that we are not familiar with, have a vague understanding, guidance, trust, and faith is very important.

Ayahuasca ceremony can be long or short, simple or complex, but there are always steps that include rules and it must be followed.

When followed correctly, they guarantee an outcome that is likely to be beneficial to us. There is some very important step that is applied to the experience of Ayahuasca:

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1. Understand the process fully

When you feel the call to try something first you need to gain knowledge. The success partly depends on the healing of any clear understanding of the whole process. Knowing WHY and HOW you do Ayahuasca everything works makes you relaxed and confident.

2. Either with the guidance of a shaman or by yourself, you need to see if this is something that will benefit your life

After reading everything about Ayahuasca and you will participate in the ceremony, you should really see if it is something that will benefit you and no harm.

3. Follow all instructions, guidelines, recommendations, and rules

Ayahuasca ceremony is a very serious process. When you recognize the call and you do not feel any pressure, fear or discomfort, in your mind, you are committed to this sacred healing process.