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Schroth Treatment in Singapore Helps To Treat Scoliosis

A well-known method of treating scoliosis, called the Schroth method, uses special scoliosis exercises that alter the unwanted curvature of the spine. This targeted approach works well for building and stretching muscle tissue that has become slightly weak, mainly due to overcompensation of the other supporting muscles. 

This is usually a non-surgical technique that can improve posture, protect against worsening scoliosis symptoms, and often even straighten the curve of the back.

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This exercise routine was developed in the 1920s and has become a common treatment for scoliosis in several international locations. The Schrott method develops equivalence between unequal muscle groups that may have lost their symmetry.

Many of these imbalances actually cause scoliosis and also make it worse over time, meaning that building strength in weak muscles can help in lengthening the back and relieving at least some of the pain. Many of the drills and exercises used for the Schroth Method tend to be over-corrected. 

The Schroth method serves to straighten the curves of the spine rather than prevent them from getting worse. A highly recommended exercise is to stand up straight while reaching for the steps, then lean in the opposite direction. 

The next stair exercise is to stay facing the stairs and then squat straight down, which stretches the spine and also stretches the muscles that have been compressed by the curvature of the spine. This particular routine helps loosen the blade and increase flexibility.