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Self-Publishing Business -The Art and Science of Book Promotion

An author writes. That's what he would like to do. In most cases, an author dreams. He or she dreams about bestsellers, about making a living from writing, about his or her book being made into a movie. All of these are good. In fact, they're all wonderful.

Thinking, dreaming, or imagining about the possibility of achieving ultimate success with the writing process is a good thing.  Writing, however, is extremely difficult, and writing effectively is more difficult. It requires dedication, determination, and constant development.

For independent authors, the entire book self publishing journey is a three-stage adventure as described in the survey: "Writing a book is the first leg… getting it self-published is the second. The third leg is marketing your book."


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The writing process is what every author understands and completely relates to. The publishing process is, to a lesser extent, a familiar setting for authors, especially experienced ones. However, after a book is finished and published, the next phase of getting the book known and making it sell is usually like stepping into an entirely different world.

It's a hard adjustment to make for most, but the fact is promoting one's book is akin to operating a small business; it has very little to do with writing or the publishing process. An author who realizes accepts, and adjusts to this reality has already taken the first step.

Proper book promotion is something that a lot of authors don't do. These are the authors who try to find someone willing to put energy into translating their dream into this functioning small business of promoting it. Agents do this. Traditional publishers do this. The success of your work will depend on you knowing this business and embracing all the challenges that a self-published author faces, Promotion will be up to you.