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Sewer Line Testing And Repairs

Sewer line issues are more than only a smelly nuisance for companies.  A blocked or broken sewer line may interrupt business and also affect the health and security of a building's occupants and visitors. To get more information about the sewer line you can visit

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Commercial building owners are responsible for keeping the pipes that connect their construction to the municipal sewer main, which is typically located in the curb or sidewalk, so it is crucial for building owners to properly care for this less visible portion of their facility.  Neglected or poorly-maintained sewer and drain pipes could cause flooding, or even groundwater contamination, a significant environmental hazard.

Some Frequent sewer and water line problems are:

Underground shifts: Plumbing damaged due to ground settling, shifting soil, prolonged freezes or drought.  Climate conditions can mean your pipes are more vulnerable than other geographical areas – particularly if you're in a place with intense cold or dry conditions.

Blockage:  Grease and/or foreign objects may lead to build-up or limit the flow-through lines.

Corrosion:  Deterioration of pipes may result in leaks or broken pipes, reducing flow and increasing the chance of an environmental hazard.

Sinking: Extreme ground conditions can give rise to a section of piping to sink, making a low place where solids can accumulate and restrict flow.

Root infiltration:  As plants and trees grow bigger over time, their root systems can encroach on ducts, potentially damaging the pipes or infiltrating a sewage system.

If you suspect that the sewer lines on your building are in danger, a quality commercial plumber may diagnose any problems and help prevent a tragedy. A respectable business plumber that uses state-of-the-art engineering and equipment can offer repairs and testing with minimal disruption to your business, and decent value for the money.