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Should You Consider Using a Buyers’ Agent?

Many think that using Buyer Agent services are too expensive. This is not the case. A buyer's agent can save you money, time and stress. In most cases, they will save costs and more whole.

In the US, more than 50% of the population uses an investment property buyers agent to assist in the purchase process. If you choose a licensed agent, professional buyers, the savings you make on your next property could run into thousands of dollars, can be less hectic and is likely to take a bit of your precious time.

The main difference between a Buyer Agent and a traditional sales agency they represent. A Buyers' Agent works solely for the buyer, while the sales agent works for the vendor (seller).

Good agent shoppers are independent and therefore do not have a financial relationship with an agent, developer or a specific property.

Most buyers’ agent offers at least two levels of service:

o The full search service where the findings of the buyer's agent and a shortlist of properties meeting the criteria of their clients and then evaluating and negotiating the property recommended for purchase

o Negotiation or Auction bidding – this is where the client is actively looking for markets and involves a buyer's agent to negotiate a bid at auction or private treaty.