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Should You Franchise my Business?

Franchising is a complex business model which has its own unique challenges. You may have fewer staffing issues, but now you need to manage franchisees, and they will have their own expectations. 

The tenure of your franchisees is greater than your employees plus you have a different set of legal and business obligations. In addition, a franchising model may or may not provide you with the best sale price when you come to sell the business. Some potential buyers really like the model others do not. You can find the best franchise business for sale via

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Before establishing a franchise, a business owner needs to establish whether franchising is the right model for them and their business. There is no benefit in creating a franchise model if you cannot find franchisees and obtain significant market share, or if it does not increase future asset value compared to other expansion models.

Before you franchise your business, you need to be able to answer the following questions:

  • Am I operating in a mature market?

  • What value do my services or products bring to the end consumer?

  • Do I have a unique competitive advantage?

  • What market share can I realistically obtain?

  • What effect will the broader economy have upon my business now, and in the future?

  • Will franchising increase future asset value?

  • Will my business be attractive to potential franchisees?

  • Does my business have the capabilities to operate a franchise system?

  • Is there an alternative way to grow my business?

  • Will I have the capital to expand in the future?

  • Business owners' first need to develop a strategy to grow their business based upon evidence; to identify and make apparent the most suitable model(s) for growth.

Today's business environment is more competitive and more complex than ever before. Growing your business is exciting, and choosing the right strategy for growth can be the difference between success and failure. 

When looking for service providers to help you grow, ensure the company you engage in has the extensive multichannel experience and is able to provide a suite of different growth solutions, as franchising may not be the right model for you or your business.