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Starting a Cleaning Service

Once you have decided what your legal structure happens to be, it is time to pay attention to and address some of the basics that will keep your business on track.

Steps in the start-up are very important because it sets up all the functions of support and plan for your business. In short – it defines how you do business.

The first step is to create a business plan. Business plan templates available online and they can be used. In addition, the software is a cost-effective business planning can be purchased from many vendors. Sophisticated programs guide you through your business plan by asking all the right questions and make sure that you do not miss anything.

You can start a cleaning service business via

Such programs can be purchased for as little as $ 100. However, if you are not comfortable with computers and calculations you can always hire consultant-business planning, though at a high cost.

Your local option, and probably the best and most cost-effective approach to business planning for the cleaning service is a local SCORE chapter that connects you with retirement, seasoned business executives who help you plan your business for free.

If you are operating as a corporation or limited liability company, then it is beneficial to have a separate business account. This is a very common product that is offered by all banks. Some banks offer it for free, others charge a monthly fee, while others allow you to have a number of transactions for free and then charge a certain amount. Free is the way to go.