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Steps to Open Minded Leadership

One of the most important, yet often overlooked the needs of an effective leader and meaningful, is to focus on being open-minded, and thus open to alternative ideas, approaches and techniques.

While almost everyone in positions of leadership claims he was open-minded, the reality is that too often; these individuals tend to be someone myopic in its approach, viewpoints, and ideas.

Steps to Open Minded Leadership

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1. Great leaders have always received help and encourage others to contribute ideas and alternatives. Rather than immediately rejected the approach for reasons such as: we do not do it that way; it will not work; organization and our constituents will not do it; etc.

2. Never one way of doing or approach anything! Should focus on the goals and needs, not just on micromanaging or trying to control how or steps along the way. A true leader understands that he must lead with purpose and needs and not by either ego or my way or the highway philosophy.

3. Leading must never think about you because effectiveness is never just about you! A true leader must "check" his ego at the door, and tried to focus on empathy, so he discusses the needs and desires of their constituents.

4. If you lead, think about why the vision is your vision? What did he do for you and your leadership model? Whether to increase the effectiveness and relevance, and others will be more motivated, or whether it's basically falling flat?

5. Meaningful leadership should focus on priorities. The best model is to prioritize not more than two or three goals at a time, rather than trying to solve all the needs simultaneously.