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Taking Physical Therapy After A Car Accident

If you are a victim of a car accident, your team of doctors might refer you to physical therapy (PT) after ensuring your medical stability. You might be wondering why and if you actually need PT. Here are some facts on physical therapy after a car accident:

Reasons to Undergo PT after A Car Accident

It aids in recovery – Recovery after an accident is a long process, and physical therapy can assist in the healthy healing of tissues and structures. A therapist will help you regain your flexibility, mobility, strength and function. To get physical therapy in Timonium, browse to

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It helps in pain management – Movement helps keep pain away. Pain comes when there is tightness, stiffness and weakness – things that come along when a person has a prolonged bed rest. Physical therapists are also called movement experts, therefore, they know the movement that is appropriate for you.

It prevents further damage – Even after being discharged from the hospital, sometimes you are at risk of getting secondary injuries because your body is in a weakened state. This can also lead to chronic conditions. With Physical Therapy, an initial assessment is performed that can screen for weak spots in the body, and teach you exercises to bring your body back to normal.

It can prevent surgery – Some injuries will likely need surgery right away, and some will not, particularly those that are non-life threatening. However, body structures may acquire micro injuries or small tears that may manifest into serious issues in the future. 

Attending physical therapy sessions after a car accident whether for serious injuries or simple pain, can help heal your body to the point that you can avoid surgery.