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Termite Inspection – A Great Way to Reduce the Cost of Termite Treatment

Termite! One of the problems of the most expensive and time-consuming one can face as a homeowner.


The first place to check is the owner of the house exterior of the house. The first signs of termite inspections usually appear on the outside and the outside of the home tends to be pretty easy to check. The perimeter of the house should be checked thoroughly. Be sure to check out the foundation or wall rod for signs of termite tubes.

Termite Inspection - A Great Way to Reduce the Cost of Termite Treatment

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Interior search for termites can be more time-consuming. Signs of termites in the home may be more difficult to identify for various reasons. Your inspection should cover every room in the house, be sure to check under the bed, behind the curtains, in closets, and behind equipment.

Crawl space

Obviously, for a house with a concrete foundation, crawl spaces will not be present, but it is important that any tight spot around the house checked as well. You will need a flashlight and a long tool; a long crowbar or screwdriver will work.


The attic should be the last place to look. Although this is the highest point in your home, termites can still find their way into your attic. Referring back to the technique used for the inspection of your crawl space, check the attic for termite tubes, mud, termite or wood rot. If you come across any problem area, be sure to check out the affected wood density.