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The Importance of Maintaining Clean Gutters to Avoid Damage

Your gutters serve a very important purpose for your home and are essential to your roof's structure. Gutters control the water flow around your home so that it flows away from your home to prevent any potential damage.

If gutters start becoming filled with debris, they can actually get clogged and fail to flow the water away from the home. You can hire experts for gutter cleaning in Dublin via

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Here are some issues that can result from neglected gutters:

Gutter Blockage

It is very likely that your gutters will at some point develop a buildup of debris, such as leaves and dirt. It can also be filled with snow to freeze, providing another way to get blocked.

Gutters leak

If allowed to accumulate gutters of leaves, twigs, dirt and other debris, the gutter itself will begin to wear down. This can result in cracks in the ditch, which would compromise their ability to bring water from the roof and away from home.

Leaking roof

One of the worst things that can happen due to the damaged sewer was leaking roof. The problems that can result from many leaky roofs, and can be expensive to repair. This can often occur in winter when the snow piled up in the gutters, then freezes and forms ice blocks.

Foundation cracks

A crack in the base of your home is another big problem that you may be faced with if your gutters are not cleaned regularly. If your gutters are blocked, the excess water that failed to flow away from the house can walk along the foundation walls and undermines the foundations.