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Tips for Convenient Seniors Move

If you help your parents to pack up and move, always remember the following tips for a successful senior moving:

1. Plan ahead

Senior takes time to get used to the change. Give some time to adjust to the idea of moving. Do not rush and allow enough time to sort and pack their personal things. Professional movers can help them pack and arrange their belongings. These times are difficult and emotional. Be patient.

2. Start slow

Talk with your parents about the move. Do not let them feel rushed. After all, agreed, have them start slow. One room at a time. Usually start organizing your basement or attic – a place with items that are not frequently used, or begin to organize items with least sentimental value. This will help to get used to the idea of moving and giving things away.

3. Get floor plans and pictures of the new place

After so many years living in one place, it is hard to get used to the new one. Try to place the furniture and personal items in the same order they were before, so the new place feels more familiar. This helps to create the feel of a new place like home.

4. Be patient

Sorting out things and packing may take more time than planned. Especially if you are trying to adjust the content of the 3 bedrooms to one bedroom. It's easier to give things away to family members that just get rid of things. If it's a treasure but the new space can't accommodate it, suggest giving it to a grandchild or another sibling.