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Tips For Curing Puppy Separation Anxiety

It is very common for puppies to suffer from separation anxiety. This condition affects many dogs who are left alone for a prolonged period of time. It's easy to treat and eliminate.

You can cure dog separation anxiety with the help of a dog separation anxiety specialist. Separation anxiety can manifest in a variety of behaviors, including excessive barking, destructive behavior, defecation, and urination at inappropriate places. Separation anxiety could also be caused by depression or hyperactivity in a puppy. 

Separation Anxiety

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These behaviors could also indicate other issues. Sometimes, even though we don't realize it, our actions can contribute to the problem, making the situation worse. Allow your dog to enjoy being alone. Tolerating him is probably a better option. You can keep him busy even if he's alone.

Your puppy must learn to be left alone. Begin training your puppy while he's still young. Start slowly – a few training sessions of 5-10 minutes are a good starting point.

You don't need to say goodbye for too long. You can leave if you have to. You will reward your puppy's tantrums and encourage that by leaving and returning back to him again and again. You are in fact encouraging separation anxiety in your puppy with this activity.

Engage your dog in a tiring activity before you leave. You can bet that your puppy will fall asleep after you have left. This is the easiest tip to help with puppy separation anxiety: Before you leave, turn on the radio. Although it may seem small, the sound of voices can reassure your puppy that he is not alone.

You can find something fun for your dog to do when he's alone. It is easiest to get your puppy a few chew toys. You can stuff them with food, or you can get toys made from tough rubber. These toys will keep your small dog, or adult dog, busy for hours.