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Tips To Overcome From The Fear Of Flying

Aviophobia, the irrational fear of flying is real and isn't some medical term invented by psychiatrists! It is a shock to me that people are scared of flying, considering the fact that at any time, there will be millions of people flying over our heads. 

We don't witness any major disasters. Actually, there is a good chance that more people will be killed in road traffic accidents, rather than plane catastrophes. 

The fear of flying can trigger fearful feelings, nausea, and even vomiting that is anticipatory. Most of us can put these thoughts from the back of our mind and enjoy a comfortable flight, however, there are some who require encouragement and assistance. 

What can we do to overcome the anxiety of flying? It's not something that happens overnight and requires an incremental, step-by-step method to conquer the anxiety.

1. Examine the elements that trigger fear: What makes one be afraid of flying? There is a myriad of reasons. Claustrophobia (fear of being confined in enclosed spaces) and fear of heights, acrophobia (fear of high places) Turbulence, mechanical sounds that are not familiar as well as terror attacks, and the reality that you are not completely in charge of their circumstances (akin to a backseat driver's fear, only amplified numerously). Finding out what triggers anxiety is a great way to help individuals.

2. Education: Have the most information you can on flying and airplanes. According to statistics, there is a greater likelihood of a person being fatally injured or killed by a vehicle crash than in an aircraft. 

3. Desensitization and Exposure: Writing down all situations that can send you into fear. In each scenario, in your head, you can practice relaxation techniques until the fear is gone.