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Type Of Seat Belts And How Should You Wear It Properly

The seat belt is available in two main styles:

Lap / Shoulder belt combination. Type belt across the upper thighs and hips of the wearer as well as across the upper body. The lap belt secured in the vehicle makes the time of the accident, while the shoulder belt provides extra protection for the head, spine and chest. In the case of an accident, a lap / shoulder belt is very effective against serious injury. If you are looking to change your lap belts then you can see Komatsu part. They have variety of lap belts that are easy to install. These lap belts are Safety tested and approved.

Lap belt: A lap belt across the upper thighs and hips of the wearer, and anchored at two points to keep passengers from being thrown from the vehicle during the accident. lap belt does not provide additional protection for the upper body and head are provided by the shoulder belt. This belt is usually found in the back seat center older vehicle models.

How To Wear A Seatbelt correctly

A lap belt / shoulder should always be worn with a shoulder strap across the torso from shoulder to hip. The shoulder strap should not be placed behind the back or under the arm. This can lead to injuries in the accident and also removes any protection to the head and upper body.

lap belt should fit snugly in the upper thigh. If the belt sits higher, collisions can make belts cause serious organ damage and other injuries. On the other hand, if the belt is too loose and worn lower, victims may be trapped under the seat belt.