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Unique Business Cards Get Attention

When was the last time you were excited about handing over your business card and anticipated a strong positive reaction? What if you knew your card would demand a second look, attract attention, and be remembered? A unique and powerful card can open a conversation to attract the recipient.

Color metal business card are common. Even if they have a great design, they don't have the power to attract instant attention when they are presented. Taking into account the visual and tactile stimulation that surrounds us every day, you can realize the need for a surprise factor effect to capture the eyes. Even the sensation of special papers demands attention even before your message is understood.

New color printing technologies have raised the bar for attention when printing cards. You can choose from many new high-tech wow-factor effects to work for you. The beauty of these new printing processes is that you don't have to be a Fortune 500 company to afford these strong psychological marketing weapons. Small businesses can use these new printing options to level the playing field and strengthen their brand.

Choose any of these new unique business card wow-factor effects and the next time someone thinks of your product or service, even if they don't remember you or your company's name, they probably will remember your card. Chances are they have saved your card and they even know what to look for in their card drawer of no return