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Vase For Pampas Grass- Interior Decoration Pointers

If you don't want a bouquet that takes up a lot of table space, centrepieces for vases are a great idea. You can combine the central element of the vase and the floral composition for maximum effect and minimal space on the table.

Flower vases are available in various sizes and colours. To combine colours or table decorations, you can purchase a central element of class in a colour of your choice. You can look at some different vase online at

When making a vase arrangement for a tower, you need to choose a good colour and size of the vase. For longer flowering and to kill bacteria, wash the vase with bleach. Then pour water into the vase by half.

You can add a little plant food to increase the life of the flowers. Place several flower stalks, preferably white cherry blossoms or mini calla lilies, in a vase. Arrange curly willow stalks and grass spray in your case for a sleek look.

This is just an illustration of how to decorate the central element of the tower vase. You can also use dried flowers or other leafy greens, or ribbon ribbons around the vase. Another possible decoration idea is to fill the vase about three-quarters of the top, and then arrange some of the flowers in the vase along with a floating candle or two.