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What Is A Concrete Sealer And Should You Use It?

A concrete sealer is a chemical that you can use to add a permanent layer of protection to concrete floors and other structures. Sealing the concrete helps reduce any possibilities of moisture destruction – and in turn, helps make the material more durable and strong. You can also know more about solid sealer through various online sources.

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They also help keep the concrete visually appealing while maintaining its original color and luster. This sealer protects the material from weather disasters, de-icing salts, various stains, and cracks that need to be filled.

Concrete sealers actively block small pores on the surface of the material to drastically reduce water absorption, prevent salt penetration and provide an impermeable protective layer.

And yes, you can use the sealer yourself – you don't need a professional to do it – it's a process you can do yourself. However, it is important to use the chemical exactly as instructed in the manufacturer's book.

Also, it's important to choose the right tool for the job – to get the best coverage and thickness, and to improve performance. The two most common methods of applying concrete sealer are roller or spray – but this also depends on whether the chemical is solvent or water-soluble.

Once you're ready to roll or spray sealer, it's important to focus on getting maximum ground coverage. The average coverage level in gallons is 250-300 square feet.