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What Is eCommerce Order Fulfilment ?

As an eCommerce order fulfillment service, the company works with certain startup retailers who are of course new to the order fulfillment process and sometimes not very familiar with what the process is or how it works. In principle, order execution refers to the various steps involved in processing, receiving, and shipping all orders.

This is a general definition and can also be applied to various types of contracts, from large companies to small companies. You can click over here to consider the best eCommerce software to enhance your business. The various steps mainly involved in this process, called order execution, are described below for your understanding.


It doesn't matter if you want to outsource your orders to a specific company or if you really want to do it yourself, inventory from various manufacturers and suppliers is the first step you need to take to ship orders to all your end customers.

Inventory storage

Once the inventory has been successfully received, inspected, counted, added, and labeled in the warehouse management software, it is time to properly place it on the shelves. This is known as inventory storage. Proper inventory storage is a very important aspect that helps to increase the accuracy and speed of order execution.

Order process

The first step in order fulfillment is accepting a specific order. Once a particular order has been placed online by a customer, there are several options for the seller to take that order to the warehouse for execution.


After the order is successfully packaged, it must be transported to the delivery station to prepare for delivery to the final customer. The shipping station is responsible for weighing the package and then determining the best shipping method.

Returns for processing

It is important to never forget about returns. For online shoppers, the ability to easily return purchased items is a very important decision. This determines their interest in a particular website and therefore this aspect has become very important recently.