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What Is Somatic Therapy and How Can It Benefit You?

When you experience something traumatic, you have to make serious sacrifices. Post-traumatic stress symptoms can last for weeks, months, or even years after an event. After a devastating event, it can be difficult to find a balance and level of clarity.

This is where somatic therapy, a holistic therapeutic approach, appears. Somatic therapy is defined by using the connection between a person's mind and body to apply psychotherapy and physical therapy during treatment. If you are looking for somatic psychotherapy then you can contact neshima healing.

somatic psychotherapy

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Therapists who practice somatic therapy believe that a person's inner feelings affect their physical form – they use mind-body exercises to help relieve the accumulated mind and body trauma.

How does somatic therapy work?

It's easy to feel trapped in our own physical and emotional stress. This trapped feeling can also make you feel panicked, anxious, and unable to calm down.

Traditional speech therapy can effectively treat many mental and emotional health problems, but those who practice somatic therapy believe that speech therapy can benefit from caring for one's body, which can help a person. Relieve stress and pain by preventing them from living life to the fullest.

Somatic Experiences are a specific approach to somatic therapy and are based on the idea that traumatic experiences cause dysfunction in a person's nervous system and prevent them from processing those experiences.

Therefore, somatic experiences aim to help individuals become aware of the physical sensations that result from their mental health problems and use that awareness to process painful feelings and emotions.