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What Is The Importance Of Dredging?

Dredging, as a process, is used to remove the deposits percolated underwater for the purpose of clearing the water pathway for ships to pass. The dredging process mainly involves carrying out excavation, of either naturally deposited sediments or man-made debris such as rocks, bottom sediments, construction debris, refuse, and plant or animal matter on the bottom of either shallow seawater or freshwaters.

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It serves the following purposes:

  • It helps in safer voyages by pacifying underwater traffic and by maintaining proper bottom clearance
  • In some cases, dredging is indeed employed for the extraction of ocean gems such as shellfish and mollusks. So, dredging can help in exploring amazing varieties of these sea creatures.
  • To channel the construction of a network of bridges, dams or other civil engineering works in water, dredging is a primary requirement. These are only proper dredging tools that remove the requisite amount of underwater silt and other compositions and make the excellent constructions true that a civil engineer wonders
  • Dredging is also important to make the marine ecosystem pollution-free. It helps in the eco-friendly disposal of deposited polluting toxicants and harmful materials, without causing any harm to the marine ecosystem.
  • Dredging helps not only in preserving flora and fauna in water bodies but is also used for recreational activities.