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What’s So Different About Airport Parking Sydney

If you are planning for air travel, after booking your flight you will need to go to the airport. For most people, this is most easily done by driving your car to the airport parking lot in Sydney. This also means that you have to leave your car at the airport lot and face terms like short stay, long stay, valet parking, etc. Here we'll explain what all of these terms mean and what services are covered by each.

There are three main types of parking: short, medium, and long-stay. Short and medium-stay Sydney airport parking offers almost the same services, with the difference being the distance your car is parked from the airport. The short-stay offers proximity to the terminal, connected with a walking path. Both short and medium stays are located "at the airport", meaning that parking lots are within airport boundaries and walking distance of terminals.

Long stays are farthest from terminals and can also be located outside airport boundaries. Transfer from your car to the terminal is usually done by shuttle bus. Short and medium-stay parking is the most expensive mainly because it is within walking distance of the terminal, and the long stay is the cheapest but will take longer to reach the terminal.

The common misconception about this type of parking is that people often think that you have to use short-stay parking for a short trip of a few days and vice versa. Even if you are traveling for the weekend, most companies will be willing to offer you longer stays which is the most budget-friendly option available.

All of these services can be self-parking or meet and greets parking. Self-parking means that you park your car yourself in a reserved space in the parking lot, whether it is a short, medium, or long stay. You then leave your car keys and walk to the terminal or take the free shuttle bus that stops at a few stations before making your way to the terminal.