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Why Is Marble Restoration So Important ?

Marble makes a stunning benchtop. It is very durable, low maintenance, and usually lasts a long time. However, as compared to granite, marble can be scratched easily if you are not careful while using it.

This is because it is made of slightly softer stone, so scratches should be avoided. You can consider the best marble benchtop restoration services to restore your damaged kitchen benchtops.

Here are some reasons why your marble countertop needs restoration.

  • Some harmful substances or activities include acidic foods and drinks. The heat from the pan can harm the marble benchtop.

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  • Be careful with acidic products such as cola, ketchup, coffee, wine, and alcoholic beverages. These things spoil the shine of your marble countertop.

  • It is not recommended to use detergents for routine cleaning as these tend to dull the shine of the marble and many of them contain chemicals that are harmful to your marble finish.

  • Since pans, knives, and other utensils are routinely pushed and used across the benchtops, chips, and scratches can easily occur. Scratches are one of the most common causes of benchtop damage.

  • Tap water can also damage marble countertops. Local water can contain chlorine, salt, magnesium, potassium, and other minerals. If water is used regularly to clean countertops, it can destroy some types of marble countertops and cause stains, peeling, and yellowing.

Because of all these above reasons, you should consider professionals for marble restoration because they can help you to save your time and money in the long run.