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Why React Native Development Is Not A Good Choice For A Mobile Application Development?

React Native has been called the next major thing in mobile application development. It's an open-source programming language that uses JavaScript as well as being maintained by Facebook. It's been praised for its ease to master. You can hire react native app development services through for building apps for your business.

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JavaScript can be used to create fluid and speedy applications that are smooth and fast. Yet, the established building platforms, which are native to iOS and Android – Java, Objective-C, and Swift – are much better for apps that are calculation-intensive.

There are many apps you can only download for either your iPhone as well as an Android device. Weather Timeline, praised as one of the top weather apps, is available only on Android. The renowned designer used Java to create the app. However, there's Bear which is a basic app specifically designed to take notes and write.

It comes with a variety of features that your standard notepad does not have like iCloud sync, or the ability to tie multiple text pieces together (and various other features!). It was developed through Shiny Frog, which uses an application that is native to iOS.

One of the greatest advantages to React Native is it allows you to create one app and then release it on two platforms: Android as well as iOS. But, the performance is dependent on the app that you're working on and, for more complicated applications (especially in terms of the UI) it could prefer to stick with native languages.