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Why Snakes Don’t Poison Themselves

Snake venom is toxic only when it gets inside the blood system. This is why snakes have to bite other animals to kill them with their venom.

Now researchers have found the usefulness of snake venom. Today, you can buy snake venom from reputed websites.

The snake stores the venom inside a special part of their body, known as a gland, which keeps the venom out of the snake’s blood system and protects them from it. The gland squirts the venom out through the snake's fangs when it bites an animal, and the venom gets into the animal’s blood system. After the animal dies, the snake can safely eat the animal, because the venom cannot get into the blood from the stomach.

The second reason snakes don’t die from their own venom is that snakes make their own antidote, which is a medicine that protects them from the venom.

Just like humans have special cells in their bodies, called immune cells, that fight diseases that get into the blood system, snakes have special immune cells that can fight their own venom and protect them from it if it gets into their own blood. The immune cells stick to the venom if it gets into the snake’s blood and helps the snake get rid of the venom without getting sick.

These cells can protect the snake only from small amounts of venom, though, so snakes can get very sick or die if they are bitten by another venomous snake.

Just like animals, snakes can also bite humans. It is very important that if you see a snake, you do not go near it. If a snake bites you and gets venom into your blood system, you can get very sick. Just in case, we keep antidote medicine at hospitals that can stick to the venom and help you get rid of it before you get too sick.